Different Shaving Technique For Men And Women

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Have you ever wondered if there are two different ways to shave for men and women? It is one of the most common activity everyone does. The razor of shaver for men and women are different to some extent you can say. The skin surface of both the genders is different. Some primary differences are caused due to the slight difference in the hair growth pattern of men and women. You can check out some of the best electric shavers on http://www.womenshairremovalinfo.com/best-electric-razor-for-women/. For Full Review, you must refer this official website. It will help you get the most honest insight into a product.

Skin surface of men have big pores, the hair growth is dense, and the hair thickness is more than that of women. Hormonal reasons are another reason that affects the hair growth differently in men and women. Hormones are the primary reason due to which men have thick facial hair, and they need to trim it regularly. Men’s shaver has more work to do than women’s shaver. Therefore, the blade quality and strength differ in these two types of a shaver. Since the hair quality and requirement to shave is different, there are a few differences in the way a man and a woman shave.

Men need an electric shaver to shave their face most of the time. However, for a woman, the primary requirement is to shave their hands and legs. On legs and hands the hair and the skin is not as sensitive as the face. Therefore women usually shave against the grain. The same is applicable when they wax their hands and legs. The hair removal takes place in the opposite direction of the hair growth. For a man the case is different. They usually shave their face which is very sensitive.

Shaving in the direction of the grain prevents cuts and burns on the face. It also prevents ingrown hair which can lead to a pimple if not cured on time. Having these conditions on your face can be problematic. Therefore, it is best to be careful and concentrate while shaving. It is advisable that men and women living together must use different razors and not share the same one. The blade will get ruined if the same trimmer is used. Also, the hair removal won’t take place properly. It can lead to uneven shave which will affect the appearance of your skin.

More or less the time taken by an electric razor is approximately the same. Shaving technique differs slightly, but all other differences are somewhat superficial. While shaving the person must feel comfortable in doing it. The best position that helps you get rid of any unwanted hair is recommended. Do not sweat much behind choosing a razor as they differ only in small features. It will help you get good skin and even clean body parts. Electric shavers are very easy to carry while travelling and many people prefer this. Check for reviews of different electric shavers and choose the best.

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