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Lover GLMV ~ Levin Online ~ Ali X Luca

All rights reserved.
None of the apps, music included in this video belongs to us.

Hey, guys! Sorry for the long wait— if there is anybody, we hope y’all would enjoy this video! Thank you

- Min and Levi
Levin Online : hey guys, thank you so much for 500 subscribers !! me and min are excited to announce that we're working on our first glmm ( and series ) :D

we have a load of free time right now cause of the corona virus outbreak- we hope you guys stay safe, don't go out too much and wear your facemasks for safety !! :)

edit: As many of you have been commenting down below on why they look like twins, here’s the explanation! During the GLMV making process, we accidentally changed the girl’s original hair color (Brown) into another color which was the same color as the Luca’s hair (The main guy) and it was only after the GLMV we noticed they had the same hair color. Don’t worry though, we have changed the girl’s (Ali) hair color back into her original color! :DDD Sorry for the misunderstanding.

-Levi and Min
K F : You so bad y que celosa eres
Claudia Silva : Não gostei ele fez ela sofrer
Snugly Ava : At the end they looked like brother and sister

Vicky Li : I like the story
xChi Minhx : I- they look like siblings.
Can somen tell me how? They have de same hair and looks almost de same. Love de vid! Only thing its just they look like siblings. But ok
Luner Eclipse : I thought it was deleted, I was so sad
CoryTheReptilianQueen Cornellyus : Hmm yes very good
AngelicaAngel : is it just me or did the hair color change with they boy and girl
Ïťź Chłøē : Why do they have identical hairs

Luca Final Fantasy X Music Extended HD

Best gaming music content!~

The whole collection is availeble on this channel. If you like this video, you might like some others I uploaded to the channel as well, feel free to check them out!
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I greatly appreciate your support.
Efrem Tommasi : One of my preferred FFX song... but not available on FFXV mp3 car player, this is so sad
GodheadBeats : yuh
える : ルカゴワーズは嫌いだったけどこのBGMはすきだった

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LUCA : hallo ich bin luker

lasst gern 1 like beim video da

SimsCreator : Luca vor zwei Jahren: Wie soll mich das Handy erkennen wenn ich eine Sonnenbrille auf habe!

Auch Luca jetzt: Wie soll mich das Handy erkennen, wenn ich eine Maske anhabe
Rin Tohsaka : 5:01 das geht auch Ben iPhone 8 Luca...
Marin : Was hast du mit iphone
Samsung beste
Luna Schneider : Ich habe meine Weisheitszähne vor 4 Tagen raus gemacht bekommen hatte auch 4 ist nicht so witzig
Alexandra Weißenborn : 2:13
Du hast kein Bart.
D.h. du musst dich nicht rasieren.
D.h. es blutet nicht.
Hermine Granger : Bei wem ist bei der Infokarte auch Señorita von Shawn Mendes und Camilla Cabello?
Stefan Oginski : Fluffig is süß
Kristina Breuers : 8:56
Früher: hmhmhnh




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