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Nikon D700: Battery grip MB-D10 review and compare to Meike MK-D300

#NikonD700 #Batterygrip #Meike #Review #MB-D10 #MK-D300

0:00 Introduction
0:56 3 reasons why you may want a grip
4:32 Comparing the Nikon and the Meike grip
8:53 Make sure you order the right grip
10:06 Conclusion and wrap up
Lester Bostwick : Thank you for your video. Very timely for me. I'm new to photography. Just received my D700 yesterday. And, I also ordered a battery grip yesterday. I almost ordered a third party grip but found an "open box" Nikon grip for about the same price and ordered that. I have an Nikon 50mm f/1.4 D on order (used, made in Japan) and have a Tamron 28-300 AF VR f/3.5-6.3 that came with the camera. I have plenty to learn and have enjoyed your videos on the D700. Some day I would like to get 24-70mm f/2.8.

After research I think it will be the Tamron 24-70 G2. In a few years hope to get an Nikon mirrorless. I think the Tamron would be a good fit for both the D700 and the mirrorless in the future. Again, thank you for your videos on the D700.
Mateu Matheu : Very timely video, thank you. I thought of doing this route myself without ruling out the Meike option. Inside the original Nikon MB-D10 battery handle I guess it shouldn’t matter that the two batteries, either EN-EL3e or EN-EL4a with the BL3 cover adapter, are third-party, not original from Nikon. I find the latter more harder to find and too expensive.

Another good addition to the D700 maybe is the Viewfinder DK-17M 1.2 Magnifier. A little extra vision in manual focus and macro counts a lot. Especially if you wear glasses

Otherwise it’s inevitable that the 180mm Nikkor (mine, f2.8D ED-IF AF) won’t want to get rid of your D700. It's too good. Except for macro I use it for almost everything. Especially family portraits, with the small inconvenience that I sometimes have to take steps back and there is a wall.
Il Matanela : I agree with you, if possible it's always better to go with original accessories. Also, for the D700 they can be found at good prices nowadays. They don't cost a fortune like for example those of the D850. I found one BG new for € 120, from an online photo store . It was the last, I bought it immediately.
BFS : I bought the MB-D10 for my D300 but it needed warranty service a few months later. I disliked optional battery grip in general (functional but not in design, structural integrity & features), but it offers faster fps when using my existing EN-EL4a battery and the potential use of the camera if the EN-EL3e isn't available, with AA. I also found its design, cumbersome when I needed to charge the in camera battery, when compared with those that held both batteries in the grip.
MycroftMobil : Weight weenie. Now that's funny.

Nikon MB-D10 Multi-Power Battery Grip with Many Extras for Nikon D300 D700 Cameras

Nikon MB-D10 Multi-Power Battery Grip with Many Extras for Nikon D300 D700 Cameras
Jonathan Bennett : well not the most informative of videos but least its clear and you see what the grip is basically like
RC Bronx, NYC : No vocal videos like this aren't much help at all.
Mr. Radio Pants : the AA battery adapter is for 8 AA battery's not 4 as shown in the video


Steven Chung : only the nikon top of the line product made in japan.
Made in Japan> thai> china
Petr Lunak : So you use the power ballance wrist band because you don't have a VR in your lenses, right?

Palmi Snær Brynjúlfsson : You say most of the Nikon stuff is made in japan but thats not true because its made in several countries in asia, example the D80 is Thailand as well and there are also some factories in Malaysia but most of it is just marked as made in japan.
Hanni Ball : A very nervous Guy. 
franticgrowls : Beats me why so many thumbs down this video got - nice work man :)




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