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Cyber Security Pay 2021 | How much do you get paid in cyber security? (Certs, Experience, Degrees)

“How much do you get paid in cyber security?” If this is a question you’ve always had then this video is for you :D - check out the timestamps for specific career/experience/education level salaries, hope this video is helpful, lmk if you have questions in the comments below!

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Intro (0:00)
My cyber background (0:37)
Entry-level salary (1:08)
Early-career cyber salary (2:37)
Mid-career cyber salary (3:49)
Experienced cyber salary (5:33)
Late-career cyber salary (7:04)
Cyber Bachelors degree salary (8:05)
Cyber Masters degree salary (9:09)
Cyber PhD salary (9:30)
CompTia Security+ (entry-level) (11:07)
CISSP certification salary (11:45)
CEH certification salary (13:04)
Cyber Bootcamp salary (14:21)

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Fahad : is this specific for cyber analyst or does it apply for all cyber jobs?
Jesse Murdock : woo hoo! thank you for your insight as always #motivation
bhlynxh23 : Another great video.

I did my OSCP self-paced since it's a cheaper option.

You may add PentesterAcademy and eLearnsecurity for a great learning platform. ❤️
Nikki : Thank you so much for sharing!
Encephalon : Thanks for your input. Those figures help me feel more reassured knowing I make much more than the average. For a cyber security analyst like myself, I make a bit over $97k and that's just riding on a Security+ cert with 3+ years of experience with my 2nd employer. With my first employer, I was severely underpaid, but didn't realize the weight of the skills I learned on the job were highly sought after through another contract. I nearly doubled my previous salary when I decided to take the position. Keep in mind that this is a contractor position that requires security clearance and is on the DoD sector so you can probably chalk it up to the industry you're working in that may help influence how much you get paid. I'm working towards getting my CISSP so that should help even more.




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