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The HD HERO2: Almost as Rad as the HERO3

Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from ‪

If you think this is rad, check out GoPro's new HERO3 Camera:

Until the HERO3 arrived, the HD HERO2 was the most advanced GoPro camera ever. To celebrate its release, we traveled the world with some of our favorite athletes, adventurers, and filmmakers to see what we could capture and create with the HD HERO2. We hope this film inspires you to get out and do the same.

FEATURED ATHLETES (in order of appearance)

Kirby Chambliss

Alana Blanchard
Monyca Byrne-Wickey
Marlon Gerber
Lee Wilson
Mikala Jones
Malia Manuel
Made Garut Widiarta

Tim Humphreys
Tucker Perkins
Tom Wallisch

Jeb Corliss
Matthias Giraud
Jeff Nebelkopf
Marshall Miller
Neil Amonson
Jesse Hall
JT Holmes
Jokke Sommer

Andy Casagrande

Ronnie Renner
Myles Richmond
Tom Parson

The Glitch Mob
"We Can Make the World Stop"
Buy on iTunes:

Adam Wolak : I'm here, because of The Glitch Mob. There is no other video where this music fits perfectly.
Im DTG : 2020
DIN XIII : A video of epic proportions
EXT3RM1NAT0R 97 : Who's here in 2020
Dopaminers Unlimited Skills : This is the most inspiring video ever
Randy Mackinnon : Sometimes I just come here to remember how life is supposed to be lived
808sandblvke : Best promo GoPro ever did
freshman 25 : Lol, 2020 now and just flexing my hero 8 on this video
Jeff Pedlow : 9 years later and this video is still an absolute banger.
Thilo Doh. : Motion Interpolation!

GoPro How To: Start Using Your HD HERO2 Camera

Quick start guide to learn the basics of using GoPro HD HERO2 camera.

0:08 - Installing the Battery

0:30 - Charging the Battery

0:56 - Inserting the SD Memory Card

1:11 - The Camera Housing

1:34 - Power ON / OFF \u0026 Shutter Select Buttons

1:53 - 4 Recording Indicator Lights

2:11 - 4 Photo Modes: Single, Photo Burst, Timelapse, Self Timer

3:24 - Changing Camera Settings
A cringey ass gaming channel : Tim Wright loves this product-
Oscar Charmin : Hero 2 its even better than GoPro Hero 7 Silver Edition
Happy to still have my camera in operation after 8yrs
Daniel P : Me: watches videos about the gopro hero 8 black

YouTube : we recommend this video about the gopro hero 2 instead
ONE VampiroGamer2007 : Go pro i buy your camera Gopro HERO2 and I can't record "NO SD" appears and sometimes "SD" appears with the image of a locked padlock can help me please, I don't know if it's normal, I've tried everything and it still appears No SD
miriam torres : Just got one for $40 with all the accessories. Now I’m just trying to learn how to use it thank you for the video it was helpful
MauverYT : Youtube : Do you want to see a gopro from 8 Years ago?

Me :
Ola Vito : How much does these go for ???
I found one from my okder brothers closet when he moved away
Ada Deh : Im using gopro hero 7 black now... good job gopro
Dario Avalos : OK
Lou Thomas : I still use mine in a Bugs3 drone

GoPro Hero2 Review

Bryan Burnett reviews, the HD GoPro Hero2 Motorsport Edition.

For more info go to;

- Video with many options
- Small and rugged
- Variety of mounts

- No viewfinder
- Menu navigation
- Microphone
richard turk : Watching this video in 2020, just looking for something cheap (currently £25) for my family trip to lego land... This camera still look very serviceable even by todays standards.
Sonido Fiesta Latina : I just bought a hero2 just for my son to play with I know it's an old model but I would love to get a case for underwater the case we have all the scenes are blurry ... do you know where to get one? Seems like the case its obsolete
Victor Wu : 2018???
Moto Tour : there is slow motion?
Cha Cha : Дорога по которой он ехал понравилась больше... Тот кто видел дороги в России меня поймёт
jessi tomlinson : I'm planning on filming Swimming, hiking, Basketball, soccer, volley ball and boating\kayaking. Do I need to get a Motorsport lol?
Concionator : Nice road!
Mart Ogrinc : whats the diffrence betwen silver edition ?? 
Eric Lamoureux : yes
2cool0 : honestly....i think it is....taht is if you are getting the silver edition instead of the hero 2. because it's just always better to get the newer one if you can. It's thinner and wifi built in and all that. I think the picture quality is a little better on teh hero 3. If you want the black edition it has aloooot more stuff. My favorite is the 60fps on 1080p. I myself would spend a little extra to get the hero 3.




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