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SIMULIA Abaqus Isight demo

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Video Author: Dassault Systemes
闵丽 : Actually, the solution is too low. Hope it could be better.

Abaqus Isight - Optimization of a Pump Support

DPS Digital Product Simulation
Abaqus Isight Tutorial

1. A presentation explains the optimization problematic
2. The Abaqus model is discussed via Abaqus/CAE
3. The optimization model is pre-processed via Isight Design Gateway
4. The results are presentated via Isight Runtime Gateway
Ali Foroughi : Music is very distracting.
Islam Hamdy : Hey, Great Job there.
May I ask what is the number of cores in your CPU "Or what is your CPU" and the elapsed time for the run? you said several hours "how much exactly"?
K. Ramesh Kumar : Shall we do flow analysis optimization to improve velocity,?
sattarkhan123 : Dear, it is a very nice presentation and video. i have Abaqus, how can i download insight as my abaquas version is not the latest one.
Harsha : great
Mehmet Selim Akay : Thanks. Music distracts a a lot. Couldn't finish.
Farzad Torabi : Hello , most of the times Isight doesn't read and import the CAD or FEM parameters from different softwares and just imports something partially. have you encountered this problem ? like importing a special radius or dimension from SolidWorks and see that Isight doesn't read it ? what do you do in this case?
Marshall LeVett : Why are there so many repeats of thicknesses 10, 17, and 15 and they end up with different design feasibilities?
chaitanya surepally : Its a nice tutorial, i dont have any knowledge on Isight tool but i worked on DOE using Altair-Hyperstudy. Isight is similar to Hyperstudy but very handy to the abaqus CAE models. Thanks a lot & looking forward for more such tutorials on Isight..
Ons Marzougui : May I have your email adress please ? i have a problem with isight/abaqus calibrating material parameters §

SIMULIA Isight - Demonstration of the Isight-plugin for Abaqus/CAE




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