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What is an EXE file?

In this video, I discuss file types, the origins of computer programming, and many other subjects.

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Erica Schmid : Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 Were all written in assembly
Erica Schmid : "This program cannot be run in DOS mode" -Every EXE file ever
Taze : I have a mouse that has software on google drive but I can’t find it can you help ?
Rudra Pratap Bhanjdev : BJP
Davey Autobee : Everything is exe
Inara72 PS4 : Is it just me or does it piss you off that most people (mainly younger kids) assume EXE means something’s “HaUNteD” when it’s actually just a goddamn file extension. I also kinda hate the sonic.exe game for starting the trend of making literally any file extension mean that something is “hAUnteD”.
Tamaghna Dey : that elephant has no tail?
Akko Design and Gaming : C++ was invented...



Brayden Eaves : So this doesn’t really help I’m just gonna ask how do you sum it up
Elvis Čakstiņš : What the hell man I came here to learn about computer file not get distracted by a drawing of an elephant.

Картинки Sonic'a Exe под песню "минимал"

Video Maker
FrkZk 058 : Спасибо! БОЛЬШОЕ!Это мой 1 канал! СПС ЗА 60 ПОДПИСЧИКОВ ★_★ ЛЮБЛЮ ВАС♥
СЕРГЕЙ ЧЕРНИН : 23456789
Eriy DRYT : Да и похуй
Я сын элджэя
Igor Spaceman : Слова элджея тоть в точь по картинкам
Igor Spaceman : Круто

Dark Laporte 124 Make a .exe Clone Out Of Me / Kills The Troublemakers Evil Clones / Grounded

Dark Laporte 124 Made a New Brother Called Laporte124.exe
Roselyn Juarez : 0:48 fourth wall break
AA_ElsexyAlfe5677SiSpongbobYes // Ami onuki is cute : 2:58 evil the problem solverz
Janae’s Channel : Request: Shadow Shimmer makes a Funtime clone out of me/ Jumpscares Snow miser/ Grounded!




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