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Xi Jinping: China’s president and his quest for world power | Four Corners

China’s President Xi Jinping is a force to be reckoned with. As leader of the Communist colossus, he commands the world’s attention, but who is China’s strongman and what is his agenda?

Born into the privileged life of a princeling, banished to poverty in the countryside during a political purge, his early life formed and framed his views on power and control.

His rise up the political ladder was propelled by party connections and an advantageous celebrity marriage. As he rose through the party ranks, he carefully crafted his image.

Today it’s a full-blown cult of personality featuring compulsory lessons in “Xi Jinping Thought”.

China specialists say that the country has already fundamentally re-written the international rule book. The question is, how will the rest of the world respond?


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[MV] CODE KUNST(코드 쿤스트) _ XI (Feat. Lee Hi(이하이))

[MV] CODE KUNST(코드 쿤스트) _ XI (Feat. Lee Hi(이하이))

Hello, this is 1theK. We are working on subtitles now!
Please come back and watch it again within a few hours.
Thank you for your waiting and continuing interest :)

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CODE KUNST (코드쿤스트) - XI Feat. LEE HI (Feat.이하이) [Han/Rom/Eng] Lyrics (가사)

Han\u0026Rom: KLyrics
Eng: Popgasa!

This song is answer towards Lee Hi x Code Kunst previous song "X".
Music rights goes to AOMG and Kakao M Corp
Watch the original MV here:




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