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Hackers TOEFL Reading (iBT)

챔프 스터디 동영상 강의로 새로운 경향의 iBT TOEFL 실전 문제들을 해커스 토플 리딩(iBT)만의 단계적 전략 학습을 통해 실제 토플 시험에 완벽하게 대비할 수 있도록 합니다. 또한 학습자의 실력에 맞는 핵심적이고, 능동적인 리딩 학습 젼략을 제시합니다.

TOEFL READING – 5 Hacks That Boost Your Score

Successfully completing the TOEFL Reading section requires more than just reading, you need the right strategy to get a high score. I scored 29 in the TOEFL Reading section and I talk about my experience and 5 hacks that get you through the Reading section in an efficient way and boost your TOEFL score. It is really important that you do not underestimate the TOEFL Reading section: it is a real challenge because you must read several long and complicated texts in a short amount of time. But it is a skill that you can learn during your preparation and if you master it you can definitely get a high TOEFL Reading score.

In the TOEFL Reading section skim the passage before reading the questions, do not read it in detail. This gives you a general idea what the passage is about without wasting time. After that read the questions carefully. Since you skimmed the passage before you know where you can find the information you. Locate the information and read this part in greater detail to answer the questions.

After having finished the TOEFL Reading section do not go back and change an answer to a question without reading the relevant part of the passage again. You picked that answer for a reason and even if you are unsure whether it is correct do not change it without checking the passage. There is a chance that the answer is correct and thus you may change a correct answer into a wrong answer. That would be a pity!

Detail questions in the TOEFL are particularly tricky! They often confuse information or change it in a slight way which makes it very difficult to recognize that. When answering a detail question make sure you read the question carefully, then go to the relevant part of the passage and pay attention to the information that is given. The information in the text must exactly match the information given in the answer you choose.

In the TOEFL Reading section time management is particularly important. The texts are long and complicated and while you must read some parts in greater detail you also need to pay attention that you do not spend too much time on a question so that there is still time left for the following questions. During your preparation for the TOEFL practice time management especially for the Reading section. You should know exactly how much time you will spend on a passage.

If you do not know the answer to a question, choose an answer that you think might be correct and go on. You can always go back and change that answer, provided you have enough time to read the passage again. If you do not answer a question and if you do not have time to go back when finishing the TOEFL Reading section, you may waste points because there is always the chance that your answer is correct.

0:00 My 5 hacks for TOEFL Reading
00:41 - #1 Skim the passage
01:59 - #2 Don’t change your answer
03:56 - #3 Detail questions
05:58 - #4 Check your watch
07:33 - #5 Choose an answer

How I scored 115 out of 120 on TOEFL:

TOEFL Writing: 7 tips to score 30:

TOEFL HOME Edition – My experience:

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Top 10 TOEFL Reading Tips

Free and complete TOEFL practice test (w/ answer key) - www.tstprep.com

In this video, Josh MacPherson from TST Prep will show you our top 10 TOEFL Reading tips that will help you get your score as quickly and easily as possible.

And you can practice using these tips, tricks, and strategies with these 100 free TOEFL Reading questions - https://tstprep.com/toefl-reading-practice-100-free-questions/

If you prefer to read about the TOEFL Reading section, check out this article all about the TOEFL Reading section - https://tstprep.com/ten-awesome-toefl-reading-tips/

Here are a few helpful timestamps:

1:10 Tip #1 Remember the question location.
3:26 Tip #2 Beware of the modifier.
7:49 Tip #3 Identify the question type.
9:47 Tip #4 Narrow your focus and limit your keywords.
13:06 Tip #5 Eliminate before you answer.
17:11Tip #6 Practice with the same test more than once.
18:54 Tip #7 Plan your time management.
20:31 Tip #8 Explain your answers.
23:12 Tip #9 Pick the right time and place to study.
24:26 Tip #10 Get professional support from an experienced teacher.

If you want to deepen your understanding of the TOEFL Reading section, take a look at these insightful videos:

TOEFL Reading practice test - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7YKI4epvnU
5 TOEFL Reading mistakes to avoid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT549MuFgsw
TOEFL Reading vocabulary questions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M0fFbIxXXM

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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