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Finally leaving our hotel after isolating for 21 full days! It was nice to finally be out! There’s so much do and see! I loved getting to explore Hong Kong and seeing family since I haven’t seen them in so long and it was nice catching up and seeing how they were. Also, because they're fewer covid cases here, everything is open and it's business as usual.

This was my first attempt at a vlog. The audio was super unclear between the traffic and my hand moving across the mic, so I had to do a voice over instead. Also, this video took me over 2 weeks to edit because I was out a lot during the days \u0026 I had a lot of technical difficulties with my computer (video files corrupted, and basically my macbook dying on me) and when it was finally completed, it was accidentally deleted and I had re-edit the entire thing again. But anyways, I hope you enjoy it !!!

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A Day in Quarantine in Hong Kong | Kerry Hotel | Santa Puree✨

#quarantine #hotelstay #kerryhotel #hongkong
Hello everyone! This is a day in my 21-day quarantine stay in Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong. I almost spent the whole of January just being isolated. It was a terrible time to come back home, yet surprisingly I enjoyed it. 

Thank you Kerry Hotel for its excellent services, which made my quarantine stay more comfortable. I believe there are many other great hotels for quarantine stay too. What I missed the most is the delicious meal from the hotel. Even though I have stayed long enough this time around, I'd love to go back to this hotel again next time!
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If you have also experienced quarantine in a hotel, share your thoughts with me below! ✨

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pingloria : Great sharing! May I ask if they clear your trash every day? Do they have laundry’ service?
Kathleen Mae : Very great video! Welcome back to Hong Kong ❤️
Lewis Lewis : Hi nice place for quarantine,which hotel do you stay
Issac Tsang : Where’s your wristband?
Zakariae BEN AYAD : how much was hotel ?

what i learned spending one month alone in a hotel | my hong kong quarantine story

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Wrapping up my 21 day quarantine experience! It was a wild quiet ride with ups and downs. I wanted to share the things that I did that helped make the days go by. I hope this helps those of you in isolation or doing the same quarantine experience!

See you all soon xx
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mmmmmbobbylaw : dang dude ur so productive. i would have just played video games for 3 weeks
Ashley Fung : Getting ready to do this 21-day quarantine process this coming May! Thank you for your video - super helpful and definitely made me a little less nervous for it!
jose cristian : I'm going to hong kong for my freshman year at city u in July hahahaha. Man I wish they would lift the 21 day quarantine T_T, It is really expensive too I think
vicky vicky : Hi dear Let me know important things to bring there before I go for it
minniemized : u deserve all the video games bobby!!!!!




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