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Blackheads extraction (279_ep 2) | Loan Nguyen

Please lke and hep my chennel to 500k subscribe soon :
Reta, Blankenship : She's missing half of them
jean bruton : I find the music very irritating I have to turn the sound down
LISA SNYDER : This music sounds like a psycho is gonna pop out of nowhere
Rebecca Williams : I liked this one so much I watched it twice!
T.J. Miller : I don't care what anyone else says I loved this video. You know everybody has their own opinion. Whether it be positive or negative, your opinion is your opinion. And my opinion is I loved this video part 1 and 2!
Reta, Blankenship : I would like to see the finished product.
Isabelle Tartempion : loan
Sorchia : This was a slow mo dream come true!! . The music was a cross between Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon! Two classics
diego bass : This music is annoying
Barbyl W : I subscribed! You will get there.
Some good pops and little blood! but...Your fingernails are actually gouging the skin popping those little tiny baby blackheads. Can you not see the damage the nails cause?

Blackheads extraction (279_ep 1) | Loan Nguyen

Please lke and hep my chennel to 500k subscribe soon :
Billie Sen : Your viewers watch for pops not digging them out. You have really started doing more digging then pops these days. Much more and I personally will unsubscribe
shannon cook : Is it just me or does anyone else want to see a close up of the gloves when she's finished?
Deidre Clanton : I get anxiety watching some of her videos. All over the damn place .
Deidre Clanton : Sometimes I just can’t.
Vera Fingers : Nice clean and juicy fat excellent video.
556m4 : Why do you clickbait so bad with all your thumbnails ? Just show the real shit.
Christine Cole :
Great pops
Thank you
cathy heckman : Had to watch this once twice! Thank you for sharing!
Dawn Barnette : Passes over multiple "visible" black heads and such to randomly stabb at
Jethro Jackson : I don't think this is Loan.

Acne treatment for male customers (278) | Loan Nguyen

Please lke and hep my chennel to 500k subscribe soon :
Laura Elena : Excelente
Rebecca Williams : Great job as usual!
T.J. Miller : I love this video be it the Little Black Dots that come out, or blackheads that come out! Thank you and your customer for sharing this video.
icare4you123 : I keep coming back to this channel to see if Loan has cut her nails. She has such interesting clients. Nicking the skin and scaping out the pore isn't acceptable treatment. As are the fingernail marks.
Christine Cole :
Sarah Nicole Parks : What is the white grit/powder on his face? I see it on quite a few on Loan’s clients. Is it some kind of exfoliant that she uses or something?
BusyBee1908 : I feel like I’m watching a Lifetime movie with this music...
Mel D : Thank you Loan.
Rosie Red : Thank you
Kathy Godbeaux : is the shine on his skin from the lights or is it that oily?




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