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Cyclo Centrism System

El reductor de velocidad Cyclo® ofrece un 500% de sobrecarga (momentáneamente). Su sistema compacto le permite 1/3 en contacto con la superficie o 2/3 en dos discos, esto en contraste con un sistema de engranes helicoidales que unicamente tiene 2 ó
3 dientes en fricción para absorber todo el impacto de la sobrecarga. Sin duda, esta es una transmisión eficiente libre de mantenimiento y de confiabilidad inigualable.
pulsar shankar : Super
jayanath jayawardana : Goooooooood
Mohamed Adel : lipronseel
majid sadeghi : Excellent very good

Cyclo Repair Video

Do you have a Cyclo drive? This tried and true video shows how simple the disassembly and repair process can be for Sumitomo Drive Technologies reliable and efficient Cyclo speed reducers and gearmotors!
Contact Information
Product Support and Service:\u0026sp_id=224\u0026pmenu_id=4
To Request a Quote:\u0026op=contactLocateRep\u0026sp_id=278\u0026pmenu_id=7
Product, CAD \u0026 Sizing Configurator:
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-762-9256
Customer Service Email:

Social Media
Azzam Vision : the best videos
dekutree64 : 5:25 Tap the housing onto the shaft...
>proceeds to beat the crap out of it
MJD3 : Stupid ugly fukin music... Cmon man idiots
Mainak Das : We fix a sumito cyclo drive in a eziki tunnelling m/c ..but the problem is now motor shaft rotating and output side shaft rotating became same.. actually input side and output side shaft rotating should be i am concern about their have any problem if you run this machine like this???
Annie Stevens : Concertgebouworkest
Hậu Đặng : When installing the first disc and whether the oil hole needs to be in the correct position ..? The two disks are 180 degrees apart, aren't they ..?
Ale Nko : Tnx a lot...
U S : What is the normal wearing Parts in these units
Singh Jassi : Plz let me know both disc positions during assembly.
John Corraya : Thanks

Animation-Building the rest of the Cyclo

See how the unique Sumitomo Cyclo drive goes together.
Abdullah999 Gul : My asphalt plant giar have more tampcher
Saul Huezo : Mmi mecánica favorita me facina este trabajo
Андрій Піцур : Good maybe you have this drawing  in 2d
rodstartube : you should do an animation with open box




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