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Komatsu way of manufacturing at the Japanese plant

To guarantee the same quality wherever you are around the world, we share standard process sheets that provide guidance during all the manufacturing process.

At the Komatsu plant in the UK, we manufacture for Europe medium-size and large crawler excavators (18 to 70 tonnes), including excavators equipped with intelligent Machine Control technology.

Watch the video and enjoy the Komatsu way of manufacturing at the Osaka plant for the production of the PC200i excavator.
Asim Ehmedov : I don't KOMATSU ☹
Khánh Nguyễn : =[ ]=
Parts Komatsu : Jining Songyu Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and sales of Komatsu hydraulic crawler excavator parts. If you need to purchase Komatsu excavator accessories, please contact me and I will try my best to arrange for you.
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Please send me your contact information, especially your email address, so that you can contact you if needed.

WhatsApp: +8615165371360
Company website:

Main products sheet metal covers, engine parts, hydraulic parts, cab assemblies, cab parts, electrical parts, structural parts, chassis parts, pin bushings, wearing parts, maintenance parts and other products. If we can communicate via email in the future, it will be a better choice.
Main Markets South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, South America, Mid East, Oceania, Domestic Market, North America
A Random Guy : Wow
EDINBURGH ELIZABETH II : PHILIPPE Prince GERMANY MEMO : feldjager, wrote: b2b, business back to businesses.
NathansHVAC : Birth of a digger
terry waller : I worked for a Japanese company for 17 years. Did lots of video conferences with engineers in the Japanese plants, I worked at a US plant. Always strange to see everyone in a blue smock on plant floors and engineers in slacks and white dress shirt.
Felix Cat : These are superb machines, top quality components creating a high value, reliable workhorse for day in, day out repeatable performance.
Tri Haryanto : Amazing
From Hitachi constructions machinery Indonesia.
Robert Ferreiro : Thank you for sharing this great video...

Komatsu D475A-8 (120 t) world premiere at oil shale quarry in Estonia.

Eesti Energia AS makes oil and electricity by using the oil shale. It is first ripped loose and pushed to the pile by bulldozer. The transported with offhighway trucks to power plant and oil segregation.
Read the article:

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ROB-IN-PHILLY : smh...Never saw a ceremony for a piece of equipment... Weird...Just get to work!
Rosivan Barbosa : Essa e bruta
Dr Feelgood : Giant machine needed a giant driver and by the looks got it !!
patrick ezuma : Pretty much the only thing nice about that dozer was the boarding ladder
jake mccann : A lot less bla bla bla bla and alot more action . Put the chit chat in the background and the working machine up front and work it .
Decaying Grandeur : I had a lincoln the same size in 1976. Got the same fuel economy too.
Marcus Timothy Smith : Waw , look at the Ars on that !
OzSlowly : Why don't you have an affiliate link, in case I want to buy one?
Eddie B : Good thing they had all those plastic hats on in case that bulldozer ran over their head .
Asep Saepudin : I need it for my backyard

The Biggest Komatsu Excavator PC8000

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Kerry Ware : I wonder how many PC 01s that would lift. Maybe at least a thousand. Lol
George Isaak : Considering this is a mining earth mover you can call it among the biggest , but the biggest machine in the world using crawler caterpillars is the machine they use in N.A.S.A to move rockets and space shuttles around ! Now that is what i call BIG and the next biggest machines are located in coal mine sites around the globe
Md Ekram : Poca oica
Claudio Silva : Why so many dislikes?
galia Li : I specialized in providing excavator accessories of various models + 8618653675307 Galia
국내산이여 :

That's a good video. It's more fun to watch the excavator video than the tiny sphere here. Like David and Goliath.
Pranav Nair : Nice excavator pc 8000
Alan Moyer : That aint gonna fit on my pickup
Alexandra Juela : komatsu la mejor marca del mundo en industrias mineras y otras
R V : Lookkss likke finnnishh iss speakking




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