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3D스케이트보드게임하기 Street Sesh

좋아요~ 구독하기 꾹 눌러주세용~
검색창에 하자게임 방문 주시면 많은 플래시부터 오락실 고전게임을 바로 만나 보실 수 있습니다.
하자게임 주소 : http://hajagame.com/

Etnies Street Sesh - Online Game (Shockwave Player)

Street Sesh is a cool 3D street skateboarding game online by Etnies. You just need to grab your deck and hit the streets. Let the city streets become your skate park in Street Sesh! You can pull off some impressive kick flips and 360 stunts while jumping over cars and benches to score some points. The sicker the stunts, the more points you get! Just try not to hit anything in your way or you will end up with a face full of blood on the tarmac. Use arrow keys to control your skateboard. Press the Z, X keys for tricks. Use space bar to Ollie.


Download link for some of the games on this channel: https://www.digiadvies.com/gamedownload

세계최초 무동력 스케이트보드 - 3D Sliding Board ( 스케이드보드, 에스보드, 서핑보드, 롱보드, 킥보드 )

#3d슬라이딩보드 #스케이트보드 #킥보드 #에스보드 #board #skateboard

신개념 무한동력 3D슬라이딩보드 오르막 주행 참고영상입니다.
와디즈 펀딩 : https://www.wadiz.kr/web/campaign/detail/61570




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