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What is a GM Counter? - Geiger Muller Counter

Geiger Muller Counters, or GM Counters, are very common and easily available nuclear particle detectors. It works on the principle that in the presence of a strong potential difference, a nuclear particle which causes ionization in gaseous molecules can lead to an avalanche of secondary ionizations that results in a sudden discharge, and therefore detection of the particle. Such an avalanche is known as Townsend Avalanche.

In this video I talk about the construction and the Principle on which a GM counter works. I also discuss the Dead Time, Chemical and External Quenching of Geiger Muller Counter.


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GM Counter in Urdu Hindi || 12th Class Physics || Nuclear Physics

Geiger counter, also called Geiger-Müller Counter, type of ionization chamber (q.v.) especially effective for counting individual particles of radiation.

Although the Geiger counter originated earlier as a heavy instrument in the lab, shortly after 1934, Ellsworth at the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) built a ‘portable’ (9.5 kg) version suitable for use in field measurements (Haycock, 1953). Radiometric techniques in Earth sciences (outside the lab) probably first started with the search for radioactive minerals around that time, but exploration for uranium deposits after 1943 greatly expanded the use of Geiger counters. Geiger counters detected gamma rays by the ionization, which they produced in a gas-filled tube. Operating at hundreds of volts between an anode and cathode, an electric field swept out the ionization to produce a current and voltage pulse that could be counted. The detection efficiency (ratio of counts recorded to the number of gamma rays that struck the detector) was about 2%, which is extremely low. There was no capability to distinguish differences in energies of gamma rays and only total count (TC) rate was measured. The dead time (time to process a pulse, during which any other gamma rays (pulses) are not able to be counted) was also considered high at about 0.1 ms. One application where Geiger tubes are still in use today is in borehole gamma ray logging in holes penetrating uranium deposits. There, the gamma radiation level is so high that the inefficient detector is an advantage, avoiding the saturation (overloading) effects in more efficient detectors.





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How GM Counter Works Animation | Physics Animation | Physics mee

This video animates the working process of a GM Counter or Geiger-Muller Counter.Hope you guys like the video.




Physics video animation | Working of GM Counter | Working of GM Counter




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