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iomega HDD external drive not detected ( LED comes ON but wont run ) SOLVED!

Iomega HDD model GDHDU2 External hard drive not detected by PC or Laptop, Problem turn out to be the hard drive loose fits inside its plastic case, tape adhesive was torn, drive moved and disconnect itself from circuit board.
Pry and split open the case, re-connect drive to circuit board by pushing drive toward circuit board. Hook it up to computer and make sure it's working. repair torn tape, fix the loose gap that cause the drive to slide out of it's connection. Close plastic case.
THE BOI : Thank you so much^^
You save my 10 years all memory photo.
lovetoramble : Thanks for the video, poorly made but you've solved it, thanks again,
محمود علوی : My drives is detected, but only some of the directories can be seen, any idea?
Teresa Pardo-Prieto : Omg thank you so much it worked. Please let me know where I can send you a gift card. - Teresa
John Sampson : Thank you so much!!! You just saved so many memories for me...

Happy holidays!
jasonjkd : Wow! I really appreciate that you put out this video! Thanks!
Julie Campbell : hello, thanks for the video. i have a similar iomega external drive with same issue. im not sure if i should open up as it seems a little different than yours. LED is on but no boot sound. Any suggestions what i should do?
titus41 : Thank you so much !!! Same problem. HDD was not connected. Now it works 100% again.
Marvin Taylor : This worked a treat. Thanks a lot.
Wisdom Skill Media : you are a star, thanks so much

Iomega Prestige External 1.5TB Hard Drive Unboxing and Overview

Because this matches the laptop I'm going to unbox and upload soon (Samsung Series 7 Chronos) with the brushed metal finish, I was reminded of this unboxing I did a few months back that I forgot to upload.

Interface: USB 2.0
Speed: 7200 RPM
Buffer Size: 8 MB

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Kazi Fahadur Rahman : Hi,
Does anyone know if this external HDD have a SATA or IDE conection. I want to strip the case as use it as in internal pc drive.
SuperSilverRage : I lost my disc. where can i download the software?
Lucas Hansson : I just got a wd hd tv live and im wondering if this one works with it
Rhinofeed : Just make sure you have at least two copies of your files somewhere, so if one drive fails you have a backup still.
Rhinofeed : If it failed within 2 weeks it should be under warranty.
Rhinofeed : I have a Seagate 500gb freeagent go from 2009 that's still working. Seagate is a good option as well.
Rhinofeed : Yep!
Rhinofeed : @thetechzonelive Yep, they took a lot of design pointers from Apple. Not a full unibody design like the Macbook Pro, but it looks extremely slick for a Windows machine. Should have that uploaded tomorrow or friday. Thanks!
Anthony VE2HEW : Can't wait to see the Samsung Series 7 video. It's a really well designed laptop.

Kim Yoo Jung Future Spouse | Astrology & Tarot Reading | Happy Birthday my Girl!!

Hey guys, it's iOmega \u0026 Grey witch Lemuria here. This is a combined analysis of his astrological chart and tarot reading, it was suggested by one of the sweetest subscribers.
#kimyoojung #backstreetrookie #tarot #astrology

Take this with a grain of salt. I'm reading intuitively and iomega is reading with the time provided on the net. So we just say what the collective energy feels. The predictions might vary depending on the time of birth in astrology. Guys, we don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings nor disrespect anyone.

Our Partner:

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iOmega's Consultation:
To book a reading with me.
Please send me your birth time, date, and birthplace on
REMEMBER TO TITLE THE SUBJECT AS "iOmega", So it doesn't get mixed up with Lemuria's clients.
You can ask any 3 questions you wanna know about. Be very specific.
I charge $20 for a reading.
And also if you have someone on your mind, you can send me his/her details too, I shall check your comparability.
The chart analysis will be done and given to you by 7-8 days from the order placement date.
The payment mode will be through PayPal.

Lemuria's Consultation:
I am Reiki healer and offer the following:
Reiki Healing
Chakra Healing
Twin Flame/ Soulmate connection healing \u0026 manifestation
Past life karma cleansing
Spells Ex; love/Money

To book a reading/ consultation / session with me.
Please contact me on
REMEMBER TO TITLE THE SUBJECT AS "MOON", So it doesn't get mixed up with iOmega's clients.

We are offering new Combined reading: It will a marriage consultation reading
Both iOMEGA \u0026 Lumerai are gonna read your chart and energy.
To book this Combo reading, please title the mail as "COMBO"
It cost $60 for each reading.
meenimeeni : Tysmmm for Reading
queen of queens : Very good reading as usual,and lemuria sister please take care of yourself
Dark Rose : PLZ do for EXO/BTS future wife and past life <3 ^^
Aisha Shosho : I have been waiting for this for the whole day
plum_and__peach gonmei : Ysp..lets hear (anw Its my birthday too..)
Aisha Shosho : I'm so excited for this angel




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